Business Process Outsourcing for the Chemical and Manufacturing Industry

To remain competitive within the viciously challenging chemical and manufacturing industries, it is essential for organizations to develop a competitive advantage with their service. Many organizations have recognized the benefits Business Process Outsourcing can bring to their businesses and are utilizing the services of BPO firms in order to develop an advantage over competitors. Swastik Solutions has been providing MSDS classification services for over a decade and has the capabilities to streamline this intricate and time consuming task.

By outsourcing a non-core aspect of your operations, you will be able to focus your time and effort towards your core competencies and drive your business's growth. Swastik Solutions specializes in servicing the chemical and manufacturing industries and can deliver BPO and MSDS preparation services which are specifically catered to overcome challenges within these sectors. Outsourcing peripheral services, such as finance and accounting, call center services and back office data management to Swastik Solutions will increase the efficiency of these tasks, while also producing substantial cost reductions.

Our Chemical Manufacturing include
MSDS Transcription Services
Chemical and Manufacturing Back Office Services

Since commencing in 2000, Swastik Solutions has expanded rapidly and is now recognized as a leader within the BPO industry, due to the company's ability to consistently add exceptional value to clients' operations. Swastik Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services for the chemical and manufacturing industries, including:

MSDS Classification

We classify information on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) according to health, fire and reactivity hazards, while complying with strict compliance requirements.

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Swastik Solutions Enables Your Organization to Meet Today’s IT Challenges
Deep Domain Expertise

Our experienced IT services team possesses the extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise required for developing software solutions. Our ongoing training and development ensures that they are at all times equipped to take on new challenges.

Agile Practices

We follow best practices of design, development, deployment, testing and support and project governance. The use of agile practices ensures collaborative software development cycles leading to more effective implementations.

Customized Solutions and Measurable Outcomes

The latest tools, technologies and platforms are used to deliver customized solutions, using a structured delivery process with measurable outcomes. The methodology/platforms are chosen based on your particular project requirements.

On-demand Scalability and Flexibility

Swastik Solutions' experienced application development team scales up as per your changing requirements.

Robust Software Testing

Swastik Solutions' comprehensive array of rigorous software testing services ensures that the final software products are secure, resilient and performance optimized, in line with your SLAs.

Commitment to Data Security Standards

We have stringent measures in place for ensuring compliance with the ISO 27001 standards.

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