Order Management Services

There are several changes taking place in the world of business and supply chain management. Customers now have the option of a number of order and delivery channels, global supply chains are becoming increasingly more complex, and expectations from each phase of the order process are increasing. The entire order process from quote to fulfillment requires optimization from the organization's perspective. Efficient order management results in cost efficiency, speedy and on-time fulfillment, increase in customer satisfaction, reduced occurrence of errors, generation of actionable insights, and educated decision-making.

Swastik Solutions is among the leading BPO companies and has vast experience in order management and order processing. We provide end-to-end order management outsourcing services to enable businesses to efficiently process orders, and thereby improve sales and revenue.

End-to-End Order Management Services

Customer Service

Order Taking on Phone, Live Chat, Email, Web Form, Mobile App etc.
Customer Query Resolution
Renewal of Service Contracts
Complaint/Issue Management and Resolution
Returns and Refunds
Customer Follow Up Services

We provide order management services for businesses across industry verticals: manufacturing, eCommerce, retail, FMCG, automotive, logistics, energy and utilities, Information Technology (IT), banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), electronics, education, government services, travel, leisure and hospitality, media and entertainment, healthcare, publishing, industrial goods and many more.

Outsource Order Management Services to Swastik Solutions to Get an Edge

Outsourcing order management to Swastik Solutions provides enterprises with the following benefits:

Streamlined Process from Start to Finish

Swastik Solutions offers your organization business process outsourcing support across requirements: multi-channel contact center, back office data processing, finance and accounting, and IT services as well. By outsourcing order management to us, you can be assured of a streamlined process right from origination of the order to its successful fulfillment. Your customer satisfaction levels will improve, cycle time will be reduced, the cost per order will be cut down, and revenue and cash flow will increase as a result.


For businesses that have seasonal spike in demand for their products or services, outsourcing to Swastik Solutions provides access to scalable resources, in terms of both talent and infrastructure. We offer 24x7 operations throughout the year, and hence, no order gets missed or mismanaged even if your phone is ringing off the hook.

Access to Best Talent

Our qualified professionals are rigorously trained in the services that they are assigned to. Whether it is customer service, data entry or accounting, global best practices are followed in every task. This saves you the stress of training and re-training internal employees for different tasks and incurring costs on new recruits.

Access to Best Technology

We invest in the latest software for the processes that we deliver to ensure our clients have this advantage on their side. Whether the application is on-premise at our office, remotely accessed on your server, or hosted on the cloud, the process of outsourcing order management will be a completely seamless one for your business without any technical glitches.

Access to Best Practices

Swastik Solutions is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, ISO 27001 certified for data security and has achieved HIPAA compliance. We will process all orders with accuracy and within the desired turnaround time. Every order management task will be taken up with diligence and a commitment to deliver the best possible results.

Retain Control

We provide you with periodic reports, metrics and access to a dashboard, based on the process. This enables your team to review the progress made and inform us of any changes required in the execution of the tasks. Hence, you retain control over the outsourced work, which minimizes any risk of outsourcing for you.

Improve Internal Efficiencies

Outsourcing to the expert professionals at Swastik Solutions will remove the burden of non-core work from your internal employees. This will provide them with the bandwidth to pursue mission-critical goals in a more focused manner. All processes related to order management will be completed in a timely manner, creating a synergy between all your internal departments. Outsourcing will also be cost-effective, vis-a-vis investing in internal resources. Additionally, by outsourcing all order management related tasks to us, your project managers will be spared the stress of multi-vendor management.

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Swastik Solutions Enables Your Organization to Meet Today’s IT Challenges
Deep Domain Expertise

Our experienced IT services team possesses the extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise required for developing software solutions. Our ongoing training and development ensures that they are at all times equipped to take on new challenges.

Agile Practices

We follow best practices of design, development, deployment, testing and support and project governance. The use of agile practices ensures collaborative software development cycles leading to more effective implementations.

Customized Solutions and Measurable Outcomes

The latest tools, technologies and platforms are used to deliver customized solutions, using a structured delivery process with measurable outcomes. The methodology/platforms are chosen based on your particular project requirements.

On-demand Scalability and Flexibility

Swastik Solutions' experienced application development team scales up as per your changing requirements.

Robust Software Testing

Swastik Solutions' comprehensive array of rigorous software testing services ensures that the final software products are secure, resilient and performance optimized, in line with your SLAs.

Commitment to Data Security Standards

We have stringent measures in place for ensuring compliance with the ISO 27001 standards.

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